Source code for meta.asttools

Module to augment and analize python ast nodes.

This module uses the python `ast` moduel exclusivly not the depricated `compiler.ast`.  

import _ast
import ast

from meta.asttools.visitors import dont_visit, visit_children, Visitor

[docs]class Undedined: pass
[docs]def cmp_ast(node1, node2): ''' Compare if two nodes are equal. ''' if type(node1) != type(node2): return False if isinstance(node1, (list, tuple)): if len(node1) != len(node2): return False for left, right in zip(node1, node2): if not cmp_ast(left, right): return False elif isinstance(node1, ast.AST): for field in node1._fields: left = getattr(node1, field, Undedined) right = getattr(node2, field, Undedined) if not cmp_ast(left, right): return False else: return node1 == node2 return True #=============================================================================== # #===============================================================================
from meta.asttools.visitors.print_visitor import print_ast, dump_ast as str_ast from meta.asttools.visitors.pysourcegen import python_source, dump_python_source from meta.asttools.visitors.cond_symbol_visitor import lhs, rhs from meta.asttools.visitors.cond_symbol_visitor import conditional_lhs, conditional_symbols from meta.asttools.visitors.symbol_visitor import get_symbols from meta.asttools.visitors.graph_visitor import make_graph